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    Lectures on Macroeconomics
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    Save the Cat!: The Only Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need: The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need
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The Conversation

Welcome to my Weblog and the guide to my site

Who am I?

Hello fellow bloggers and webmongers ... I bid you welcome to my blog entitled Alpha.Sources; my name is Claus Vistesen and you can mail me from the link on the front page if you think you need to get in touch.

I am currently working as Chief Eurozone Economist for Pantheon Macroeconomics. As you can imagine, traditional disclaimers apply. This is my playground and everything that goes on here is solely a result my deliberations and does not represent the opinion of any private commercial entity.  

Ironically, I have never written so much economic research and done so much modelling work as I am currently doing. But unfortunately, with paying clients (and some of them the most astute private investment managers in the business), it is difficult for me to find time to write here. I hope that the essays and observations that I do find time for here will be slightly worth your while.  

I have been online with Alpha.Sources since September 2005 and what a ride it has been. A serious online presence can be a tremendous and valuable asset in terms of academic work as well as on a personal relationship level and I am very grateful and happy for the reactions, opinions, and contacts (and friendships) I have gotten through this site. Especially, I highly cherish the somewhat loose yet vivid community of econ and finance bloggers from whom I believe I have learned a lot. It is because of all this that I continue to put so much effort into blogging. It is too interesting a world that I want to be able to continue to call myself a "econ blogger".

The econ/finance blogsphere is a wonderful place really and I would dare any community, virtual as well as not, to show a similar track record of discussion and interaction (with the subsequent value added). Obviously, the much debated credit turmoil has greatly increased the public's tolerance of "financial punditry per sq-meter", but I still hold that most of the original content add value.

In terms of topics I reserve the right to deal with anything that has my immediate interests so consider yourself in an environment where tail risks of something not interesting for you is high. Mostly though, I stick to the world of finance and economics with a macro bent.

Finally, it is of course impossible for me not to mention my affiliation with Barcelona based economist Edward Hugh. Friend, colleague, and mentor are all labels, I would be happy to ascribe to him depending on the setting. Edward's writings are scattered all over the internet but through his mainpage here, you can learn more about him and where to go to sample his work. I suspect that Edward and I will never tire of exchanging daily e-mails on this and that (mostly global economics these days) and for that, I am very grateful.  

Together with Edward I am also running and writing for a myriad of country and region specific weblogs. Through Edward's main page linked above you can get through to all of them. The two most important however are;

Global Economy Matters

Demography Matters


Guide to the site

There is really not much in it at the moment with Alpha.Sources and Beta.Sources representing the bulk of the site. The first thing to make clear is that Alpha.Sources remains the body of the site and thus my main blog. Beta.Sources has mainly been created as a place for me put up things such as working notes for papers and articles, lists of references, etc online in blog format. Beta.Sources will thus mainly work as a container for me to put up stuff I think should be online and accessible for my own convenience primarily. However, you are more than welcome to read what I put up and also comment on it. The side bar also contains links and references to things that I find interesting as well as a collection of econ journal rss feeds which I hope to expand and develop more as I move forward.

As for current projects I am working together with Edward in preparing a slew of papers with respect to our main research agenda which seeks to explore the effects of demographics on the general macroeconomic environment.


Advertising Opportunities at Alpha.Sources

Over the course of the slow but steady buildup of activity and readership (no. 87!) I have gotten more than a couple of offers for advertising all of which I have declined. I will continue to do so and thus; to all you eager (and no doubt respectable) marketers out there, please don't bother contacting me on this topic. My reasons? Well, there are many. First and foremost because so far; the money involved has been puny (almost embarassing!) and secondly because I like my site without ads!

So that was basically it for now ... I encourage you to read and comment on Alpha.Sources. I am very liberal when it comes to comments and will only rarely delete and moderate comments unless of course they are obvious spam in which case they will be deleted. I do expect however that people behave and that flaming, pissing contests as well as hot temperdness are kept to a minimum. I will try to reply to all comments and e-mails transmitted through this site and if I don't, ping me again! (I know that I am sometimes slow, but please bear in mind that I never mean to be rude (only most rarely :)).


Best regards


Claus Vistesen


Last updated: 21/4-2014